Inspector Recruitment Process

What is the Inspector recruitment process?

Application stage

  1. Once you decide to submit your application, you should do so via the on-line form attached to the vacancy at
  2. Your application will be shortlisted, usually in the month following the month you submit your application form.
  3. We aim to contact you to let you know whether you have been successful within 6 -8 weeks of application, with one of the following outcomes:
    • If you have been successful and there are current roles available within your chosen region, we will invite you to the next available assessment centre in your area
    • If you have been successful, but we do not currently have vacancies within your chosen region, we will notify you that you are now ‘assessment ready’. This means that you are ready to be assessed as soon as there is a vacancy in your area and an assessment centre has been confirmed.
    • If you have not been successful at the shortlisting stage, we will send you an email to let you know. Unfortunately we are unable to offer further feedback at this stage.

Assessment stage

  1. If you are invited to an assessment centre, this will take place at a local office or suitable external venue, and will be held within 1 day (usually 2-3 hours). The assessment centre includes:
    • A written exercise (including a report writing element) – this is sometime carried out online in advance of the day
    • A presentation – you will be sent the topic in advance of the day
    • A final competency based interview
  1. The competencies assessed during an Inspector Assessment Centre are:
    • Working Together
    • Communicating with Clarity and Confidence
    • Embracing Change and Improvement
    • Planning Effectively
    • Analysis and Decision Making
    • Motivation
    • Understanding of the Role and CQC’s values
  2. We aim to let you know whether you have been successful at assessment centre within 2 weeks – please note this may depend on the number of candidates being assessed within a particular area. The manager on the interview panel may also give clearer timescales around outcomes.
  1. You will be able to request feedback from your assessment centre should you so wish.