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What do our Inspectors do?

CQC receives a wealth of information about registered services. As one of our inspectors you’ll be responsible for monitoring a number of portfolios. This means you’ll analyse all the information in great detail about the services on that portfolio, and then use your expert judgment about the most appropriate action to be taken. For every decision you make, you’ll be able to confidently articulate coherent rationales. These will always be based on robust evidence, analytical information and risk-based methodology.

Actions may include:

  • routine scrutiny requiring no further action.
  • rescheduling inspections.
  • engaging with external stakeholders.
  • making safeguarding referrals.
  • escalating serious concerns.

Throughout everything you do, your records will be meticulous – maintaining an audit trail of all decisions, actions and outcomes. Understandably, it’s vital that you’re computer literate with excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. In fact, this is a role with plenty of autonomy and team working too, so you’ll need to able to build relationships and work successfully at all levels both internally and externally.

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Inspectors operate:

Inspectors - Acute Hospitals

Our inspections across acute hospitals follow a specialist, expert and risk-based approach to get at the heart of what really matters to patients and the public. Join this team and you’ll help us to regulate NHS trusts, independent acute hospitals and treatment centres and ambulance services.

We’re always looking for ways to improve – and that goes for the way we work too. Providers are telling us that our new approach to inspections is much better and less likely to miss serious issues than previously. We’re work hard to gain major new insights into the quality of care and the leadership of services and organisations. This means we’re able to highlight where care is good or outstanding and to expose where care is inadequate or requires improvement.

In a diverse team led by an Inspection Manager and Head of Inspection, you’ll be responsible for producing a report on a specific area. Your findings will be supported by experts by experience and specialist associates who have relevant knowledge to services, for example surgeons, physicians, midwives and other advisors. It’s important that you have a background in healthcare and experience of managing conflict to excel in this specialist team.

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Inspectors - Adult Social Care

Adult Social Care has the power to positively transform people’s lives and CQC plays an important part in ensuring that people using services have the care and support they have every right to expect.

We regulate care homes, home care, and other adult social care services across the country.

We will always be on the side of the people who use care services, which includes listening to people’s views and using expert inspection teams involving people who have a personal experience of care

For every care service we look at we apply the ‘Mum Test’, but it could be anyone we love or care about. We ask, is this service good enough for my loved one? If it is, this is celebrated. If not, we will take action.

In our inspections we ask the questions that matter most to people – are the services safe, caring, effective, well-led and responsive to people’s needs? We rate care services as outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate, so that the public has clear information about services.

We use our rigorous registration process and enforcement powers to ensure providers are properly held to account for delivering high quality care. Since April 2015 we have also monitored the finances of care providers that would be difficult to replace if they were to go out of business. We also take part in themed inspections across pathways of care, with colleagues from the hospital and primary care inspection directorates.


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Inspectors - Mental Health

These roles are interesting, challenging and rewarding, inspectors and inspection managers are confident and informed about what good mental health care looks like.

Join our dedicated team, and you’ll be responsible for the inspecting mental health, substance misuse, learning disability services providers and community health services in both the NHS and independent sector. You’ll lead inspections and produce insightful reports clearly explaining your findings. Our inspection teams can be formed by people who are experts by experience, specialist advisors and other CQC staff.

You’ll have gained your experience from a health or social care background, and have a thorough understanding of the needs of people who use both community and inpatient mental health services. It’s important that you’re also very familiar with the Mental Health Act 1983 and Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the safeguards these provide people using services.

Responsible for evaluating evidence and interpreting data from a range of sources, you’ll need to be confident and able to communicate effectively with providers and stakeholders at all levels. Further still, you’ll actively want to involve people who use services and their care givers. Most of all, we’re looking for enthusiastic individuals who are pragmatic and willing to lead by example in the achievement of personal, team and national goals.

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Inspectors - Primary Medical Services

Primary care in England is dynamic and with changes in the NHS more care will be delivered in the community. We have the opportunity to influence that, regulating what is currently being delivered and driving up improvement where it’s needed.

Join this team and you’ll be responsible for regulating general practice, dental services, out of hours care provision and the 111 service. We also take part in themed inspections such as end of life care and primary care for the elderly.

With us, you’ll have a varied remit inspecting and regulating primary medical services to make sure they are safe, effective, responsive, caring and well led. Ideally you’ll have a clinical or leadership background within a primary care setting, or health and social care, and experience of managing challenging scenarios and difficult conversations. It would certainly be a bonus if you also have experience of being regulated, but it’s not essential.

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Inspectors - Registration Inspectors

Registration is our opportunity to make sure that only providers demonstrating good quality care are registered. Registration is a “tough test” and a barrier to poor care. It is the start of CQC’s operating model and vital for how we go on to inspect and rate and take enforcement action.

We want the public to be confident that the services provided by the providers we register are safe, caring, responsive, effective and well led. We want them to know that if they believe services are operating without registration that we will undertake thorough checks and take appropriate action.

Registration includes all elements of registration assessment; formulating judgments and making recommendations relating to:

  • registering new providers and/or managers
  • varying conditions of registration
  • cancelling applications by providers and/or managers
  • unregistered providers.

Registration staff will often be the first to see new developments and innovation in services. The team works closely with all CQC colleagues to improve how we regulate health and social care and how we develop a consistent approach to standards nationally.

You will have a substantial background in regulatory work and health and social care and will act as the pivotal link between the CQC and provider applicants.

  • Registration Inspectors are at the forefront of the registration process, assessing and making judgments about health and social care providers
  • Registration Managers manage a team of registration inspectors as well as contributing to how we plan and develop the registration service.

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